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223 Morris St
Hendersonville, TN 37075

Welcome to the hottest site in hair accessories; SUNNYband.  Family owned and operated, every SUNNYband is hand designed and made using the highest quality materials, fabrics and inspirations from literally around the world.  Want something custom?  Need a specific piece? Just contact and we can help you make the perfect fashion statement with any outfit.  From sporting events to dance tournaments, horse races to beach parties, SUNNYbands come in every imaginable color, size and inspiration.  Show the world your inner fashionista and join the SUNNYband family today!


Our studio is located in Hendersonville, TN, just outside of Nashville!  We are open by appointment only, so feel free to email to make an appointment today!

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SNL Birthday Party "Sunny's Night Live" 2017 (Part 1- Photoshoot)

Sunny Fitz

If you are like me Saturday Night Live has been a big part of your childhood, adulthood and everything in-between. As a kid I would stay up as late as I possibly could to take in those hilarious skits with Chris Farley, Mike Meyers, Phil Hartman and so many more. I wanted so badly to be the first person to host and be the musical guest (clearly that has been done...without me...multiple times. lol) But, the dream of being at a live taping or somehow backstage never went away even 25yrs later. So it shouldn't have been a surprise that at some point in life I would want to have a Saturday Night Live themed party! If you follow me or my husband, Jason, you know were are crazy party theme people. Whether it is our epic and over-the-top Halloween Fitz Fearfest, our Ugly Christmas outfit caroling party, or 80's Prince Prom we (and our friends) never go halfway with any costume. My incredibly talented friend, Christy Shaterian, is a well known photographer in Nashville, and we decided it would be really fun to recreate some images from SNL's photographer, Mary Ellen Matthews to put around the SNL party and as teasers for the event. I gathered some SNL promo images I thought we could put our own spin on, and Christy was able to master the art of those images. It was a rainy spring day in Nashville (shocker), but we were going to execute this shoot outside under our carport and as Tim Gunn would say.. "make it work!" Hair and Make-Up was done by the very talented Emily Lombard. She was able to start off with a very basic makeup with the cross dressed images. From there she added more layers of makeup, and we went through many wigs, extensions and of course Sunny Bands!

When the final images were sent to me, I almost wanted to cry! After watching this show the majority of my life, seeing every star you could imagine in these wild and over-the-top pictures wishing that some day it would be me, it was a little emotional to see myself in that same style. I won't ever be the one on SNL getting my photo by Mary Ellen Matthews singing or hosting...but for just a few days...I felt like it was me. A dream come true.  Stay tuned as I show you how the Fitz's and friends throw down a party!