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223 Morris St
Hendersonville, TN 37075

Welcome to the hottest site in hair accessories; SUNNYband.  Family owned and operated, every SUNNYband is hand designed and made using the highest quality materials, fabrics and inspirations from literally around the world.  Want something custom?  Need a specific piece? Just contact and we can help you make the perfect fashion statement with any outfit.  From sporting events to dance tournaments, horse races to beach parties, SUNNYbands come in every imaginable color, size and inspiration.  Show the world your inner fashionista and join the SUNNYband family today!


Our studio is located in Hendersonville, TN, just outside of Nashville!  We are open by appointment only, so feel free to email to make an appointment today!

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Fun Product Reviews

Fit Glam Waist Trimmer

Sunny Fitz


This was too good not to share. (:
So, I've tried a lot of waist trimmers before while exercising, and I had to tell you how awesome this one is. It actually has another layer of elastic that cinches in your waist even more (down 4 inches just by wearing it!😱🙌🏻). Now, that is always great for trimming, but I used it when I had back pain and stomach! The difference was really there! Check it out! I also did a YouTube video about it on my sunny band channel! Find it on amazon! #waisttrimmer #fitglam